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  • The season begins on October and it lasts till the end of December It is called “Alba truffle” or “Acqualagna truffle”  It grows in many regions of Italy such as Piedmont, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzi and Molise. The White Truffle is the most precious truffle on Earth. It has a remarkable commercial role.

  • The season begins on October and it lasts till the end of December Uncinato Truffle is also known as "Scorzone" or “Bourgogne Truffle”. This truffle variety has the same characteristics of the Summer Truffle (it is its autumn version) but its interior color is a bit darker and the aroma a bit more intense, that's why it has a bigger gastronomic value than...

  • The season begins on 15th of November and it lasts till 15th of March This truffle is called Black Winter Truffe, “Périgord Truffle” or “Norcia Truffle”. The Black Winter Truffle is recognised as the most precious truffle of the black family due to its intense and aromatic flavour, its defined and balanced taste and to the old gastronomic tradition...

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  • The season begins on May and it lasts till September This truffle is called Summer Truffle or “Scorzone” in Italy, due to its rough skin. This is one of the most popular truffle variety as it grows in many kinds of terrain (especially near oak trees, hazelnut and pine trees).

  • Highest quality Italian made stainless steel.

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